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PM2 Concorde Blue Cockpit Windows


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I love the concorde, so when I found the PM2 Concorde for fsx I was very happy, so I loaded up one of the liveries (the test concorde G-BBGD), selected Bristol airport and set the time to dusk. When the simulation was loaded, the cockpit windows where like a mix between turquoise and aqua. The vc loaded without any problem, but I just can't see through the windowns.


I loaded all the other liveries, one by one, and discovered that they had the same issue. But it only happens at dusk, night, and dawn.


When I deleted the Glass_T file and replaced it with the glass texture file from Thomas Ruth a330's, the same happened but then with a black windscreen instead of blue-ish.


What is the problem and how can I solve it?


Thanks for helping/ commenting!



(Sorry for my bad English, dutch is my first language)

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I'm downloading as I type and will give it a try a see what's happening!


Sorry, it's been thrown into the trash bin. A very poor FS9 port-over. Many FS98 gauges to get past and probably FS9 window glass.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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