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FS2004 Boeing 737 AutoLand???

Minas Man

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:D Good afternoon, everyone. Here is a question that I'll bet will only require a simple yes/no answer. Here goes: Does the default Boeing 737-400 allow for a complete auto-landing? I've noticed on certain YouTube videos that on 737 addons, (PMDG, etc), once the approach button is pressed the flight will line up to the runway (provided the ILS frequency is tuned into the radio stack and the course number as well.


I've never flown the default boeing (I just started reading up on it in the Learning Center) :confused:


Please forgive if this has already been asked and answered. I tried looking it up in the archives but couldn't find it. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

Thanks again.

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Simple answer is probably no. But there is this.....autoln21.zip in the File Library.


This is an autoland gauge for FS2004 for any aircraft that can pick up an ILS and Glideslope.


I use it in my Sim and it works fine!

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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With everything set up, if you press the APP button (approach), it will line up, and also descend along the glideslope to the runway.

But the touchdown, no. You are supposed to switch off the AT and AP (Autothrottle and Autopilot) just before touching down. At 300 ft above the ground or so. (or more if you want.)

Then pull up the nose a slight bit (keep an eye on the PFD (Pilot Flight Display, with artificial horizon), so you land with the rear wheels down first.


If you want to be able to land "completely hands off" you will need mrzippy's suggestion.

That addon does those things for you, and also switches on the autobrakes, so you will come to a stop on the runway.


It does not extend the flaps, or set up for the entry to the approach. So you will have to get in range of the ILS signals yourself, and come flying in "in the general direction of the runway". With flaps already set.

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