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CF2011A Guzman Concorde no Marker Sound


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Have just obtained the GREAT Guzman's Concorde. The aircraft behaves terrific, a pleasure to fly, but I cannot get the Markers sound turned on. There seems to me a Marker switch on Radio Panel (see picture) but it is not active? Any clue on how to get the marker sound activated? The same goes for NAV 1 and 2 sounds.

PS the marker lights come on on the panel but no sound.

Many thanks


Concorde Cockpit.jpg

Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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You may have gotten a faster response in the FS2004 forum. Anyway, I downloaded and installed this aircraft. I will confirm your observations about the Radio lights. After looking at the panel.cfg under [Window02] RadioStack I saw that the gauge was calling this unit a radio lights gauge/panel not an Audio Panel. No wonder you hear no sound for markers and NAV1, etc.


I quickly borrowed the AUDIO PANEL from my C-172 and installed it in place of the Concorde one and the lights turn on and off and the Marker audio works.


Radio Audio Panel.JPG

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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MANY thanks for pointing me in right direction, I actually replaced the gauge with the stock B777 audio, see gauge 23 below and all works fine.

Thanks again.











window_size= 0.210, 0.410


gauge00=CONCORDE!Fuel-Quantity, 150,15,40,40 ,Front

gauge01=CONCORDE!Fuel-Quantity, 150,70,40,40 ,Left

gauge02=CONCORDE!Fuel-Quantity, 150,125,40,40 ,Right

gauge03=CONCORDE!Fuel-Quantity, 150,180,40,40 ,Back

gauge04=CONCORDE!Front-Low-Fuel, 160,2,20,10

gauge05=CONCORDE!Left-Low-Fuel, 160,57,20,10

gauge06=CONCORDE!Right-Low-Fuel, 160,112,20,10

gauge07=CONCORDE!Back-Low-Fuel, 160,167,20,10

gauge09=CONCORDE!Battery-Switch, 88,236,20,22

gauge10=CONCORDE!Engine1-Ignition-Switch, 10,213,15,20

gauge11=CONCORDE!Engine2-Ignition-Switch, 30,213,15,20

gauge12=CONCORDE!Engine3-Ignition-Switch, 50,213,15,20

gauge13=CONCORDE!Engine4-Ignition-Switch, 70,213,15,20

gauge14=CONCORDE!Generator1-Switch, 10,236,15,20

gauge15=CONCORDE!Generator2-Switch, 30,236,15,20

gauge16=CONCORDE!Generator3-Switch, 50,236,15,20

gauge17=CONCORDE!Generator4-Switch, 70,236,15,20

gauge18=CONCORDE!Fuel-Crossfeed, 157,230,26,30

gauge19=CONCORDE!Fuel-Pump, 110,225,35,35

gauge20=CONCORDE!Radio-Comm1, 0,0,140,60

gauge21=CONCORDE!Radio-Adf, 0,60,140,60

gauge22=CONCORDE!Radio-Transponder, 0,120,140,60

gauge23=Boeing777-300!Audio, 0,180,140,30


gaugexx=CONCORDE!Radio-Lights, 0,180,140,30

Peter Bendl

ex. British Airways

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