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PFC Cirrus II Flight sim Hardware help


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Hello all,


I recently received a PFC Cirrus II flight yoke, avionics stack, and rudders. The yoke had a weird feel so I took it apart and some screws were missing. I have since replaced them.


The problem I am having is finding tech documents for the unit. From my searches it looks like they are all custom.


The nav, taxi, and landing lights were never hooked up.


Does someone know where to solder the lights in?

Do tech documents exist for these units?

How do I tell which "version" of the Cirrus II this is?


The unit works with the old pc that has windows 98 on it but the lights never worked.


Thanks for all of your help


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You could ask PFC directly - I had dealings with them and they were very helpful.


Btw. a photo of the circuit board would probably be helpful. There should be a few (3 pairs?) of orphaned connectors for the switches if they were meant to be connected. But the PFC simulator controllers didn't/don't use USB, so maybe someone took the Cirrus apart and attached his own USB circuit board.

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