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Majestic Q400 for Xmas -- Wow!


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This is a feature that may be the reason to upgrade, I asked for a reason.


Oooh hark at you, all demanding...


OK. The controls are smoother. By 4x. What more can we tell you? The FDE is programmed outside of FS, so the controllers can be reported to FS by the MJC84 Control Panel, increasing fidelity to 125 Hz, or around 4x the typical response curve.


However you need suitable skills to be able to do this, it cannot be done for you and if it's done wrong it will completely stuff up your Dash requiring a full reinstall.


Details are in the forum. If you can't get access to that, assume that you don't have the skills. So perhaps I should have said not relevant to you as you don't have the Pro version, or Pro-level expertise.


Ooh now hark at me...

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