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Planing trip to St. Marteen


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Has anyone gone down to St. Marteen and stood on the beach to watch the planes land just over your head and then feel the engine blast as planes were talking off? If you did how was it? Was it worth it? What is a good hotel to stay at? I know from pictures and FS that there is a hotel right off the airport. Is that a nice place and does anyone know the name? Thanks Syd
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I never been there (cannot afford it:().

There seem to be some tragic accidents, every now and then, people being "blown" away by the jetblast.


From the FlyTampa Scenery:





In St Barth, there's even a restriction :



You have been warned!!


There are some "planespotters" out there, making spectacular videos. A search on Youtube will give you hundreds.


O, an BTW, it's St Maarten, not St Marteen.



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