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A most idiot question concerning ram and complex airport.


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Two months ago I bought a new computer.

It was a revelation as far as fs9 was concerned.

This revalationess lasted two months .

New PC went phut ,with w8 diagnostics 'seeming' to indicate a memory stick problem.

My PC phutted whilst I was at the very nice freeZ lszh.

This is complex airport and I would guess needs more PC resources than most.

Could a complex airport like this somehow cause a stick of memory to fail?

If this is indeed an idiot type question I apologise.

One of the real plusses of this new PC was its ability to run add-on airports with no loss of performance .So I had begun to indulge myself downloading many freeware third party airports.

The fact that my PC phutted whilst at FreeZ Zürich just had me wondering.


Cheers All


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Software won't cause RAM to fail (unless it involves overclocking). However, software could cause the system to load up RAM and run into a defective block that may not have been used before. In your case I would suspect a pre-existing issue with a RAM module.


Something to keep in mind with computers is how complex they are. While everyone is impressed with a 747 having 6+ million parts, your PC has billions of transistors between the CPU, GPU, RAM and other chips. If some don't work, you will have issues somewhere.

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Software cannot cause hardware failure.


From time to time hardware fails. That is why you get a warranty with a new computer.


Also note that companies like HP and Dell source out the cheapest components they can find so they can offer good prices on their products.


That said, I use an 8 year old Dell every day that has never had a problem, knock on wood.


Relax Sockx, you did not cause the hardware failure, it just happens.



the Bean

WWOD---What Would Opa Do? Farewell, my freind (sp)


Never argue with idiots.

They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience

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