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Massive graphic problems please help


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I am having a big problem with my FSX-SE setup.


1. I am seeing strips of odd textured terrain world wide. The strips are like large parallel mismatched textures. These are blocked in what looks like 1 to 5 square mile areas.

2. There are a pile of trees and buildings in many water areas.

3. There are many lakes popping up in area that should not have water.


I have installed from Steam FSX-SE, Greenland Nook, Lukla, ASN. I have also installed A2A C172, 38 Simaddons airports, Flight1 UTX Canada V2. ORBX Iceland Global/Vector/LC demo. I installed the PNW demo as well but deleted it using the Orbx uninstaller as I did not like some of the graphic errors I saw. After all that was installed (in steps over the year) everything worked well. Recently I installed the Tasmania demo and attempted to reinstall the PNW demo. I would get an error "FTXCentral" "Duplicate Landclass index 14 Aborting FTXCentral" Fair enough. So I uninstalled it. After that all the errors world wide listed above showed up.


Things I did to rectify this:


1. Installed up to date ATI driver.

2. Through Steam uninstalled and re installed FSX-SE

3. Disabled in scenery library each addon scenery.

4. Uninstalled and removed every item of Orbx I could find from the hardrive.


I still have the trouble. If I don't get this resolved is my next step to buy a new computer?



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