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FS2004 Cyprus scenery in FSX?


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+1 Zip's reply.


The simple solution is to try it and see how it looks. I have installed loads of FS2004 stuff, mostly with no problems. It must be remembered that FS2004 and FSX display things differently and that there can be differences between airport altitudes and locations between the sims.


The only words of caution I would offer is to expand freeware scenery packages to a temp location first. This will allow you to see what files are included. Be wary of any effects files as they may be only FS2004 compatible and may overwrite FSX ones - safe practice here is not to allow any FS2004 file to overwrite a FSX one. Also the following type of files, if included, should not be installed - LWM2 VTPL VTPP and VTPX - they are not needed in FSX and, in a best case scenario will just take up memory (both disk and RAM) and worst case may cause compatibility issues with the chosen scenery and other nearby native FSX airports.


The final thing to lookout for are any included traffic files - rare but some authors do include them. A single FS2004 formatted traffic file will kill all FSX traffic files and you will have no AI other than what the author provided. FS2004 files can easily be converted for FSX using a utility called AI Flight Planner.


The main common issues that I have found are:


1. Trees: FS2004 trees objects tend to give a weird 3d effect whereby they are 'blocky' and take on a X when viewed from above. They tend to 'block out' other objects located nearby - basically you see the tree as if its a picture pasted onto a square piece of card. It is this 'card' outline that obscures other objects.


2. Autogen: Sometimes FSX autogen objects, such as buildings and shrubs/FSX trees will be displayed, often in places where they clearly shouldn't be like the middle of taxiways for example. This can be for a number of reasons but the usual ones in my experience relate to issues connected with differences between FS2004/FSX terrain/airport elevation/location.


3. FS2004 Objects: Most basic FS2004 objects seem to work ok but the more complex ones sometimes don't display correctly. An example of this can include only seeing the roof a building but no walls.


Most of these errors can be corrected using a program called Airport Design Editor.




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