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GIF Photo Screen shot / Uploads ????


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Been Surfing thru the "downloads library", and I keep seeing a Trend of uploading little Tiny Incy Bincy Wincy Screen shot photos in GIF format, as Tiny as a Toe Nail ????


Whats the Point ????


I'd thought if an Aircraft or Scenery Designer took the time to Design & create the Scenery or Aircraft or utility, they'd want to provide a decent size photo / screen shot of their Creation for others to see & Judge rather they want it or not .


Kinda hard to tell, anything when the Screen shot photo is sooooo tiny & small you can't see what it is , or be able to Judge rather you'd want to download it or not !


Just a few Decent Size JPEG's included in the Upload is all that's needed.


usually when I come across a file that has nothing but tiny GIF shots, I just pass it on by, and move on, its obviously not worth spending the time to download.


Be nice if everybody thru out the Flight Sim Community could get on the same page with this.


Enjoy the Screen shot :)


Concorde 1.jpg

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Right under the title bar in the file description you will see

at least two options. The first is Download and the second

is View. If you click view, you will see a listing of all the files

in the zip and you can view pictures and play sounds.


Try it!

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Thank Ya', Rick, but that's "NOT" what I was referring to .


I already knew to do that, not my 1st nor 2nd time here.


I was referring to "uploading" GIF screen shots "so small" they can't be seen.


even when clicking on the "Preview" afterwards to see ALL the files.


heres some Examples for ya' !!



<!--url{0}-->[/img] </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> <img src=[/img]


<!--url{2}-->[/img] </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> <img src=[/img]



<!--url{4}-->[/img] </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> <img src=[/img]

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It sounds like you might be referring to the thumbnail

pictures that the uploaders provide us for the descriptions.

This way we don't have to resize graphics for the descriptions.

I agree that in some cases the creator of the zip file should

include larger photos as well. Many already do.


Thank you for your input!


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