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KSFO San Francisco International Airport and City 2.0


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KSFO San Francisco International Airport and City 2.0


Created by Justin K.





Highly accurate scenery for KSFO – San Francisco International

Accurate airport layout (as of 2015)

Newly built Boarding Area E

New control tower

Accurate models for all terminals, hangars, and other buildings

Custom ground textures

HDR night lighting

Animated airport vehicles (GroundTraffic)

Animated jetways (AutoGate)

Static aircraft


Photoscenery from Presidio to Downtown and the airport

Detailed model of the famous Golden Gate Bridge, Oakland Bay Bridge, and San Mateo Bridge

Lots of buildings in Downtown San Francisco, including the Transamerica Pyramid

Alcatraz Island

Fisherman’s Wharf with lots of buildings and the famous sea lions

Animated ship traffic and cable cars

Nike Missile Site SF-88




Copy all four folders into your 'X-Plane 10/Custom Scenery' folder.

(Required)Install the MisterX Library version 1.1 if you haven’t already.




(Optional) Install the Autogate plugin if you want to have moving jetways and marshallers.

(Optional) Install HD Mesh V3 (tile +30-130) to fix several oddities with the base mesh.




Refer to the "Compatibility" section if any conflicts may arise. Also, remove any older versions of this scenery first.


Scenery load order:


Scenery load order in X-Plane 10 is defined by the file 'scenery_packs.ini', found in your 'Custom Scenery' folder.


Make sure this scenery package is higher up than 'Global Airports', HD Mesh, or any other scenery package for the San Francisco area.


If you fail to do so, the scenery may not appear correctly.




Compatible with HD Mesh V3.

Compatible with 'Runways follow terrain contours'. This option can be left on.


If you are running other scenery packages for this area, please refer to the 'Scenery load order' section of this manual.


If you own the 'Golden Gate' payware package, make sure that this scenery has a higher priority in your 'scenery_packs.ini' file. Additionally, you need to disable or remove the following folders as they are incompatible with this scenery:








I only see default buildings at KSFO! What's happening?

There might be a problem with the default scenery overriding this one.

Please refer to the "Scenery load order" section to see how to fix this.


X-Plane is complaining about missing assets!

Make sure you installed MisterX Library version 1.1.


I see no buildings despite installing the scenery/library and checking the load order!

Make sure you copied the correct folder and you don't have a folder within a folder.

After installing the scenery, the following four folders should be in your "Custom Scenery" folder:

KSFO - San Francisco Orthoimagery

KSFO - San Francisco V2

KSFO - Traffic Golden Gate Bridge

KSFO - Traffic Oakland Bay Bridge


You promised me AutoGates, but nothing is happening?!

Make sure you have installed the plugin.




Also, keep in mind that certain addon aircraft don't contain the necessary values for AutoGate to work.

An example for this is the JRollon CRJ200. You can either fix it yourself or contact the aircraft author.


There's a random piece of land south of the airport, can you fix it?


Unfortunately, editing the X-Plane mesh is a non-trivial task.

As a workaround, you can install HD Mesh V3 (tile +30-130) to fix several mesh-related issues.


I have "runways follow terrain contours" enabled. Does it cause any issues?

You might get some very minor issues, but generally it can be left on.


Cars are driving on the water under the Golden Gate/Oakland Bay Bridge. What's happening here?

This is necessary to make you able to fly underneath the bridges. Just wait a bit, and the problem should fix itself.

Please note that the "Golden Gate" payware package contains moving cars that don't align with the bridge models supplied here.

Check the "Compatibility" section on how to fix this.


Credits/Programs used:


GetGT by AndrooC

XPL TaxiSign Generator by X-Design CSD

World Editor 1.4 by Laminar Research

Blender 2.74 by the Blender Foundation

AutoGate and GroundTraffic by marginal

Orthoimagery by the United States Geological Survey (USGS)




This scenery package is for personal, non-commercial use only.

Redistributing this scenery or any part of it is prohibited (most reusable stuff should be in the library anyways).

For further information, feel free to contact me.





If you like my work, you can support me by making a donation.

Donating is 100% optional, but greatly appreciated!




























Download KSFO San Francisco International Airport and City 2.0 here:




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