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welcome! lots of excellent stuff on this siite for free: planes, scenery, utilities etc. lots of great payware planes and scenery too. the screenshot forums are a good way to be exposed to them. if you see something u like and it isn't named, jump in and ask!

Phil Colvin


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Welcome! A good suggestion by wolf2 about checking out the screenshot forum. Be prepared for an ongoing major debate between folks who use ORBX scenery and Photo-Real sceneries. It depends on if you want to see the actual outhouse in your backyard or good low level scenery for GA flying. Actually I have a combination of both and all for free.


Lots of great freeware aircraft in our File Library. Just shout out what you'd like and we will see what's available.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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New to the flight sim world, building my cockpit right now. I've notice everyone has cool addons and etc, What can ya'll recommend I download to improve realism?



Depends what sim you've got. I've had FSX for 8 years and it's so good straight out of the box that the only things I've added in all that time are a strip of southern england photoscenery and a bunch of addon planes..:)

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