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I am very nooby when it comes to aviation, but I want to be a pilot when I am older which is why I am playing this. When I start my Boeing-737 the computer is off. I dont know what it is called but it is where you can change the destination in flight. Does anyone know how to get this running?
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In the default boeing 737_800 the fmc (on your right side, on the throttle quadrant in the virtual cockpit) does not work.

It is not a functional gauge and you can't click the buttons.


You can make a flightplan before starting a flight. For that you use the flightplanner, in the main menu where you also select airplane, weather, etc.


The plan will be loaded in your gps.

You can make the aircraft follow that exact route by tallog off and switching the NAV/GPS switch to GPS. And also switching on the nav button on the autopilot.

Make the plan so it goes straight out from the runway for a bit, you don't want sharp turns at low altitude.


The runway you will be departing from ('cleared for takeoff' by atc) depends on the wind direction. You will takeoff against the wind.

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