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Veterans Appreciate Rugged, Reliable Vehicles



When it comes to purchasing vehicles, veterans appreciate models that can reliably cover rough terrain. Two of the most popular types of vehicles purchased by veterans are trucks and SUVs. This is hardly surprising as with Americans as a whole, these two classes of vehicles have gained a large amount of popularity in recent years. Here we'll dive into which models in each of these classes are the most popular with veterans and how that popularity compares to the American preference in general.


Popular Trucks for Veterans


It should come as little surprise to anyone that veterans purchase a lot of Ford F-150s. After all, this model has been one of the most popular vehicles in America for years. Any car buying service will probably have a direct line to the local Ford dealership because when anyone comes in looking for a pickup, it's often the F-150 they want to look at first. Look at any map showing the most popular vehicles in America, and you'll find that Ford's F-Series is one of the most popular choices of Americans from all parts of the country.

Ford hasn't cornered the entire veteran pickup truck market, however. Two other popular models are the Toyota Tacoma and the Dodge Ram. It may seem surprising to some that a non-American brand would be a favorite among veterans, but actually, Toyota has several models on the list of most popular vehicles. Toyota does employ a large number of American workers at its American assembly plants, and often people take these types of considerations into account when deciding on brand loyalty.

Before leaving the popular pickup truck category, we have to mention that the Chevrolet Silverado is also a popular choice for veterans. The ad campaigns for the Silverado portray it as an American classic and it is one of the most popular choices for vehicles among veterans and among Americans in general. Especially in the northern states where trucks are popular and often necessary due to the amount of snowfall, the Chevy Silverado tops many lists of most popular vehicles.


Popular SUVs for Veterans


Returning to Toyota, the company's RAV4 is one of the most popular SUV models on the veteran list of preferred vehicles. This model is known for being extra roomy and having abundant cargo space while also being fuel-efficient. Again, the preference here by veterans does reflect the preference of Americans as a whole. The RAV4 is one of the most popular vehicles in its class with Americans in general.

The Subaru Outback falls into a similar category as the RAV4. This model has been popular for years with those that appreciate the extra room and the all-wheel drive to get you down that less-traveled road. Again, Subaru is popular with both veterans and the general American population. The company has a reputation for building cars that last forever and they also employ thousands of workers in their American assembly plants.

However, for those wanting to travel without a road at all, the Jeep Wrangler is an incredibly popular choice for former service members. After all, it's one of the most popular with the enlisted masses. While the current Jeep models may not look much like the ones that traversed the military bases of yesteryear, they are still incredibly popular and have become a type of American cultural icon. Current Jeep Wrangler models offer two- and four-door options with hard or soft tops. There's even a version with a pickup truck bed.

In general, it seems that veteran preferences largely mimic the preferences of Americans as a whole. And why shouldn't they? Veterans want what the majority of Americans want. They want reliable vehicles that have room to carry a lot of stuff and can handle less-than-ideal road conditions. In addition, they want models that aren't going to break the bank when it comes to gas mileage. When considering a new vehicle purchase, it seems that most everyone prefers rugged reliability.


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