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Renovating Your Space on a Student's Budget



Do you want to update your bedroom or other parts of your space? Consider the following ways to do it on a tight budget.


List Your Priorities


The most important thing you can do when renovating on a budget is to list your priorities. Think about all of the changes you want to make, such as repainting or getting new furniture. If you're renting, stick to things that you can do without breaking your lease.


After you list out everything you want to do, consider what is most important to you. List the top items starting with the number one. Then, you'll know where you need to start, so you can save up for one or two things, rather than every possible change.


Renovate Over Time


Keep in mind that you don't have to do a full renovation of your space at once. Starting small and spreading your project out over time is a great option. That way, you'll eventually have the space of your dreams, but you won't have to break the bank.


You can slowly save up for one or two changes. Once you make the first renovation, you can save up more money for the next thing. This can be annoying, but it allows you to slowly improve your space without having to blow all of your cash at once.


Visit a Thrift Store


When you're ready to buy new furniture or other items, check out thrift stores. You can also look at other discount retailers, such as HomeGoods. There, you may be able to find some items that you love, but you won't have to pay the full price.


Plus, thrifting allows you to save the environment. You won't have to buy new items that require energy to produce, and you can keep items from going to the landfill. Going to a thrift store can be like a small adventure, and you can find things you may not find new.


Sell What You No Longer Want


As you do a renovation, think about what you own that won't fit in the new space. Then, you can sell the items using a reselling app such as Poshmark. Not only will this help you clear out your closet and the rest of your home, but you can get some extra cash.


You may get enough money to do an extra renovation task sooner. Be sure to go through your items each time you want to do a new renovation. That way, you can get the cash you need easily.


Ask for a Cost of Attendance Increase


If you're in college for interior design, you may be able to increase your cost of attendance. You can talk to your advisor about making your home renovation an independent study or portfolio project. If they approve of the idea, you may be able to increase your cost of attendance.


That way, you can get student loans to help cover the cost of materials and labor. Unfortunately, this is only an option when design and renovations relate to your degree. But it's still worth considering if it is an option for you.


Split the Cost


When you're renovating common areas, such as a kitchen or bathroom, talk to your roommates. Make sure they're okay with the changes since it will affect them. However, you can also ask if your roommates are willing to help pay for the updates.


If so, you can save a lot of money. You can also get input from your friends, which can help you make better decisions when renovating.


Renovating may seem impossible on a student budget, but it's not. As long as you do a few things, you can make the changes you want to your living space.


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