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6 Great Jobs For Retired Military Personnel



6 Great Jobs For Retired Military Personnel


Retirement can be a difficult time, especially for those retiring from intense, skilled jobs like positions in the military. Those who retire from the military are often young enough to pursue other careers, but find it difficult to find a career that suits their skill set. Here is a list of jobs and careers that are frequently a good fit for retired military personnel.


Logistics and Construction


Blue-collar jobs aren't at the top of everyone's list when it comes to a continued career, but you might be surprised by how lucrative and fulfilling a job in one of these fields can be. Particularly as retired military, you'll be qualified for higher-paying positions than an entry-level worker. You could try looking out for keywords like "crane service Spokane Valley" to find positions opening up near you and filtering for positions like manager or supervisor. Many military personnel also find a lot of success in logistics and warehousing positions, since military work often involves a lot of logistical thinking. The great thing about these jobs is that you'll be able to work outside of an office setting, something many veterans find desirable. Plus, getting a college degree wouldn't be necessary if higher education isn't your cup of tea.




Something that military personnel and nurses have in common is their ability to perform under pressure and see things every day that the average person wouldn't be able to handle. That's why nursing can be a great continued career for ex-military people. You'll be able to continue your education, accumulate excellent benefits, and find a real sense of fulfillment from your job. For those who miss the action and service-oriented position of the military, nursing could be a great future career.


Government Jobs and Contracting


A large percentage of veterans will go on to work in the government in some capacity, and it's not surprising. Not only are veterans connected enough to land themselves a decent position, but these jobs offer a lot of security, benefits, and mobility within the job. Many veterans also go on to do defense contracting, which is one way a retired military worker could continue applying their skills and knowledge. Not to mention, the pay isn't bad at all.


Military IT


If you're a good critical thinker and have an interest in learning about technology, you could easily transition from military to IT. Communication networks are vitally important to the work the military does, and IT workers are constantly in-demand. Not to mention, the skills you would learn in this position could be applied to countless civilian jobs as well.




People join the military for myriad reasons, but many do it for the fulfillment it brings and the ability to actively improve others' lives. In addition, many join the military as an escape from a life that didn't offer many opportunities. That's why many retired military transition into teaching jobs. You'll have a chance to make a mark on others' lives and perhaps give them the helping hand you didn't have yourself.


Counseling and Psychiatry


It is becoming a more commonly known fact that many military personnel suffer from mental health conditions such as PTSD. Because of their experiences, veterans can be the most qualified people to be empathetic listeners and effective therapists. Whether you'd like to work specifically with veterans or with the general public, psychiatry can be a fulfilling and impactful route for those who retire from the military. Mental health services for retired military personnel are vitally important and can make an enormous difference in someone's life. Whatever future career you choose, it's absolutely possible to have a fulfilling work-life after retiring from the military.


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