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Time to Transition: Ideal Careers for Retired Military



Life after retiring from military service requires a good deal of adjustment. The military is regimented and has a culture that is often quite different from that of the civilian world. It can be difficult for former military members to transition into new careers, but certain fields are ideal for these individuals.




The manufacturing industry can be a perfect fit for many former military members, as it offers a fast-paced, constantly changing environment that can help individuals make a more seamless transition into a civilian environment. Manufacturing includes positions such as quality control inspector, warehouse worker, carpenter and welder. An extension ladder could be a beneficial tool to have in many manufacturing professions. These careers involve hands-on work that many find incredibly satisfying.




If a person has put enough time in the military to retire, it is highly likely that they have been in leadership positions that included teaching lower ranking military members. This may be a comfortable role for some to transition into because they are used to giving direction and disseminating information. Additionally, teaching can be a very intrinsically satisfying career choice, perhaps providing similar personal satisfaction as the military. Some veterans may be looking for a career that provides a dependable schedule, and teaching is a great example of that.




Jobs in the transportation sector are usually in the trucking industry. Transportation workers often drive various types of vehicles carrying different types of freight or liquid. These careers often pay very well, and they give retired military members the chance to travel, which may be a comfort to those who miss the constant transition that is involved in the military lifestyle.


Information Technology


Military members skilled in information technology are highly regarded and incredibly in demand in the civilian world. The IT field is growing at a very fast pace. Modern times call for those who are savvy in tech and communications. Companies are well aware of the need for well trained IT people, so they actively recruit and value the veterans that they hire.


Law Enforcement


Law enforcement is arguably the most obvious of positions for former military members, as working together is a strong component of police work. Additionally, police officers are bound by common goals, which is incredibly similar to the ways that members of each military branch are bonded. Individuals are often faced with stressful situations and need to be able to make decisions under pressure, and the military is excellent preparation for this position. About 25 percent of those in law enforcement in the United States are former military, which says a great deal about the career. This occupation is a perfect fit for many veterans.


Healthcare Worker


Occupations in healthcare such as those in nursing, emergency medicine and hospital administration work well for retired military. Healthcare careers are similar to the military in that both fields are centered around a common goal. This goal is meant to motivate and inspire individuals to do their very best in all areas of their jobs for the sake of their patients.


When choosing a post-military occupation after spending 20 years or more in the armed forces, it's a great idea to consult with one of the many career advisors that are dedicated to helping military decide on their next steps after retirement. A career advisor can provide individuals with resources to help them choose the type of occupation that they will be best suited for, and that can be a tall order for someone who has spent decades in the military. The sense of purpose that is present within the military can also be present in the civilian world.


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