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More about that sailing.

Flying Officer Jevans


xxmikexx asked me about the sailing I did last week. Well, when I say I was sailing all last week, I don't actually mean I was on a boat 24/7.:D


I just went sailing every day. I sailed various dingies - Pico, Laser 1, RS Feva. If you've never heard of these, don't worry.;) You may have seen the Laser at the Olympics, which Ben Ainslie of the UK won!


I'll see if I can get some photos, I think there might be one.


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I had a Laser for ten years. In the early eighties the Sony walkman waterproof (yellow color) was release and I used to sail the Laser listnening to rock music and lando in the shores of small waves in a crowded beach. People looked at me in disbelief as they never thought one could go sailing wet and with a hi-fi portable in the waist. By the way, here in Brazil Laser is very popular, we have the 7 times world champion Robert Scheidt.
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I thought I knew music but I've never heard lando. In fact, I had to look it up -- Afro-Peruvian, sounds wonderful. I'll look around YouTube to see if I can find any.

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