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DC-8s Where Are You?



I've been flight simming for decades, and I don't understand why developers have taken on every commercial airliner great and small except for the grand old DC-8s. They were produced in large numbers, both as freighters and pax planes, they have 4 jet engines to spool up and down (and howl at you as you spin around your external views), they flew for decades all over the world, and yet no payware fsx dc-8 plowing the virtual skies, why?


I am aware of the Aerosim version for 2004, which was flawed, sadly. I also appreciate the fine freeware work of HJG, but alas, they have no virtual flight decks, which I've become rather in want of. Perhaps Captain Sim, PMDG, CLS, Just Flight or someone will remedy this situation and give us a grand 1970s livery Air Canada DC-8 to fly someday... Instead of redoing planes they've already done, or copying each other (ie Capt. Sim and Just Flights Lockheed 1011s). Is there a DC-8 virtual cockpit out there somewhere?


Lorne Jordan


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Kingfisher addons has a lovely DC8-73.

Try a search for it. It has a flight deck.:pilot:

Historic Jetliners Group is working on a new DC8 right now,but it may be a while,as

it is not yet in the Beta phase.

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I think Just Flight wiped away the yours, and other fans whines, they now have a DC 8 product covering from the prototype to the -40 series, but it is FSX dedicated. Check it out at theirs website!
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