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Single Login Is Here



This month FlightSim.Com completes another major upgrade: single login. For some years now we've had a situation where FlightSim.Com was almost like two separate web sites, with one registration (login name/password) required for the file library and a second registration required for the message forums. We're not the only site that has this problem, but it is confusing for many people.


The problem is that the file library software and forum software are written by different people and were never meant to work together...but we've now changed that. With this upgrade completed, you will only have to login once to use the entire FlightSim.Com web site and since your login details are stored in a cookie on your own computer, as long as you retain that cookie you'll remain logged in. This should make using the site simpler for everyone.


Just be aware, though, that some people may be issued a new password as part of this process but for as many people as possible we've simply retained your current account as is.


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