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Good Things Coming



Most people don't know what goes on behind the scenes at a big web site like this, but one of those things is software development. FlightSim.Com is run on software that we developed ourselves, from the big things like the file library to little utilities that you as a user never actually see working but that do useful things for us. (The one exception to this of course is the message forum software, which is vBulletin, a popular and widely used program).


Well, one of the big things is about to change. For some months now, the file library software has been worked on, being rewritten completely from scratch using now standard tools like php and MySQL. Release 1 is now finished and has gone live on sister site TrainSim.Com. We opened it up there first since that site is much smaller and required fewer things be converted over. That also let us find the bugs while affecting fewer people.


There's some nice changes, the top one being that you won't have to login every time as you do now; logins will be controlled with a cookie so you won't have to worry about losing your login "key" as is so easy to do now. There's other nice things like the ability to link directly to other files from within file descriptions (i.e., if a file is a repaint and needs a base model, the link directly to the base model can be part of the description).


We'll be moving this software to FlightSim.Com shortly. Good things are coming :-)


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