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About this blog

After about two years of flying with MSFS and developing in MSFS (blender (3D modeling), xml gauges and Javascript (only for private use), I wanted to see if I could fly the Latecoere around the world by adding VOR beacons, sea plane bases and addon items in the in-game menu. I found a friend who is prepared to fly with me and sofar we have flown 10 legs of about 2.5 to 3 hours at a rate of one leg per week.

The idea is to fly low (500 meters) and not so fast (300 km/hr) in a classical manner. We fly on compass heading and VOR's. And we try to create Standard Operating Procedures which give a classic feeling but which also take the characteristics into account of the Latecoere as it is in MSFS.

After 10 flights I think the whole set-up has come to a point where I think we can do it. The last flights were smooth, without much dificulties, and very enjoyable.

Because in the past I liked to write travelogs of flightsim rallies, I thought it might be a good idea to start writing about this round the world adventure of ours in this blog. Maybe other flightsimmers are interested.


I have to find out what the difference is between a blog and posting messages, but I will learn as we go.

FL07 coast of croatia.jpg

Entries in this blog

Flight 11, Haifa in Israel - Baghdad in Iraq

Summary Date flown:     2023-10-28 Distance:         899 km     Flight time:      2 hrs 56 minutes     Flying around the world is mainly about flying long stretches on more or less the same heading. So, what makes it interesting? Well, apart from the fact that flying around the world has something special, we think it is interesting because you have to prepare your flight and execute it according to plan, taking into account the specifics of the aircraft you are flying with.


roggeberg23 in MSFS

Getting started with my blog.

While working on my so called " blue plates", I was stopped by a mandatory update of msfs of 124.79 GB. A good moment to try a first entry in my blog.   Blue plates are small pieces of html/js/css code which are accessible form the in-game menu. I started with blue plates just showing the values of some msfs variables.                 This morning I was working on a next level blue plate: a blue plate which has a clickable button.  


roggeberg23 in MSFS

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