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Getting started with my blog.



While working on my so called " blue plates", I was stopped by a mandatory update of msfs of 124.79 GB. A good moment to try a first entry in my blog.


exampleblueplate.jpg.6e294ca15ea868920da8b63356db1f45.jpgBlue plates are small pieces of html/js/css code which are accessible form the in-game menu. I started with blue plates just showing the values of some msfs variables.









firstbutton.jpg.d7ea7ef84eb3f1293cc2bd40ea5cae22.jpgThis morning I was working on a next level blue plate: a blue plate which has a clickable button.










The idea behind these blue plates is to create some extra functionality which will make the flying of the Latecoere a bit more smooth without the need to change anything to the Latecoere. Sometimes digits are easier to read than gauges. You can add some calculations if you like. And sometimes it is easy to have some buttons close at hand.


That's it for now, I am most curious if and this blog will appear in the site.



for my own blog learning process: first version created on 24-10-2023, last update 25-10-2023; 11:06 GMT




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