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An all new flight-sim manual is available for the Cessna Citation CJ4 business jet.

Focused on home flight-simulation enthusiasts, Jet Simming: Cessna Citation CJ4 from TopSkills explains this popular and advanced business jet precisely and clearly.

This comprehensive instructional manual describes physical and performance characteristics such as safe weights, optimum airspeeds, and recommended flaps settings. It explains the CJ4’s ProLine electronic fight deck, including what things are, what they do, and how to use them. The modern flight-management system and control display unit are clearly explained. Proper procedures for all flight phases are laid out in numbered steps for easy use.

Jet Simming: Cessna Citation CJ4 has seven distinct chapters and two appendices, including complete checklists for every flight phase and clear definitions for abbreviations used in the book. Its PDF format enables easy use by any home flight simmer.

Bill Stack is a flight-sim expert and author of several books and videos about home flight simulation.

Jet Simming: Cessna Citation CJ4

Book Cover

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