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Thread: How do you keep FSX interesting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringoes_man View Post
    What would you do in a real life emergency?

    I discovered this Canadian TV series called MAYDAY. There are over 89 recreations of airline disasters based on NTSB reports. Not all of them are suitable for Flight Sym recreations, but I have taken to re-creating and re-flying a few of them. My first effort was FLight Air Transat 236. Still trying it.
    I might be wrong, but many of the shots in these series seem to be from FSX...

    I do not have the hardware necesary to run FSX, but Ive bought it, and Im waiting. Till I get a new PC, im using FS2004. Its nice to fly VFR using the Piper Cub, with no gps, and without accesing the map. Soaring is also fun, try doing a cross country flight in a sailplane.
    Flights around the world are a very interesting way to spent your free time. You can use different planes, or the same plane during your trip. Try using a small plane, like the C172. It can get boring, but most likely it wont.
    Also, a good way to keep going is start developing addons. You can start with your home airfield.
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    Wow. There is so much to explore in FSX. Beyond the obvious ATC-NAV-proceedural type flying.
    Airshow routines- from solo and formation(multiplayer) military displays, aerobatics, civvie solo aerobatics.
    Air tanker operations, solo and MP.
    Sub-orbital boost-glide flights over inter contenental distances-no engine after inital boost to altitude. Go from Canaveral AFS and try to hit Wake Island. A variation is Suborbital bomber- same same except drop a nuke on the xring and get back home.
    Military training regimes, modern and historical- navigation exercises, agent insertion, tactical and strategic ordinance delivery , Time on target competitions, interception exercises, training senario's like oil burner sorties,AAR exercises, Recce exercises, ASW, SAR,EEZ and fisheries patrol with addons like Veitnam war project, oilburner routes, NAS Fallon(ranges) ,Iraq MDC, Solomon islands 1943, Chichijima, Ians dark corner UK ETO, SEA sceneries, FSX freeware weapons packs. Various aircraft carriers and warship packages enable naval operations for USN, IJN, RN, RFN, and AVMF from first world war to OIF. Solo and MP.
    All of the above in numerious combinations for what if scenarios- Luft46, Olympic-Coronet 46-47, DROPSHOT NATO-WARPAC scenarios from the '50's.
    Obscure epic flights . One of my favorites is Peter Hogg and Ronald Edelsten's 1934 trip in a war-surplus Bristol F.2B with a handful of AA(roadmaps) maps,inoperative wet compass, wrist watch, and dead reckoning — destination Baghdad. Spare fuel carried in gallon cans and decanted through a biscut tin and chamios into the main tank from the rear cockpit in flight!
    Aug-10-1934: Witney - Gravesend (forced down by bad weather)
    Aug-11-1934: Gravesend - Brussels - Frankfurt - Munich.
    Aug-12-1934: Munich - Vienna - Budapest.
    Aug-13-1934: Budapest - Belgrade.
    Aug-14-1934: Belgrade - Sofia (forced down by bad weather)
    Aug-15-1934: Sofia - Philippopolis (Now Plovdiv) - Istanbul.
    Aug-16-1934: Istanbul - Eskisehir - Konia - Adana. (All in Turkey)
    Aug-17-1934: Adana - Musulmei (Aleppo,Syria). Landed on wrong airfield, Flat tyre from running over Camelseed pod thorns.
    repaired with help of Armee'd air fitters, followed by a night of elbow bending in the Mess at Musulmei.
    Aug-18-1934: Musulmei - Deir ez-Zor (Syria). Wrong fuel delayed flight.
    Aug-19-1934: Deir ez-Zor - Baghdad.

    Stayed in Baghdad from August 20th to September 5th, where the boys performed a near total tear-down and overhaul of the old Brisfit with help from the RAF fitters and riggers at the Baghdad station.

    Sep-5-1934: Baghdad - Hinaidi (no longer exists) - Rutbah Wells (no longer exists) - Amman (Jordan).
    Sep-6-1934: Amman - Gaza - Ismailia (Egypt).
    Sep-7-1934: Ismailia - Cairo.
    Sep-8-1934: Cairo - Mersa Matruh.
    Sep-9-1934: Mersa Matruh - Tobruk - Benghazi (Libya).
    Sep-10-1934: Benghazi - El Agheila - Sirte.
    Sep-11-1934: Sirte - Tripoli - Gabez - Tunis (Tunisia).
    Sep-12-1934: Tunis - Palermo - Praia - Naples.
    Sep-14-1934 Naples - Rome - Pisa - Cannes - Marseilles.
    Sep-15-1934: Marseilles - Lyons - Dijon.
    Sep-16-1934: Dijon - Paris (Le Bourget) - Calais - St. Inglevert (Cap Gris Nez) forced down to wait out thunderstorm.
    Sep-17-1934: St. Inglevert - Lymphe - Croydon - Heston - Whitney.
    And on and on. The fantastic thing about FSX is the open source, highly configurable nature of the program, and the mountains of add-ons. If you can imagine it, there is usually a way to make it happen..
    How can one be bored.
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    This is one of flight simming's greatest challenges, the 2555-miles flight from Lae to tiny Howland Island, I haven't tried it myself yet-


    Discussion thread about it-

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    CREATING LIVERIES caters for anybody with an artistic bent, as with this freeware FSX Tiger Moth and two Bucker Jungmanns, they're not mine, I can't paint for toffee-

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    ScatterbrainKid posted a thread a while back about thermal visualizations which I hadn't seen in the sim yet. I had flown the DG–808S a couple times and enjoyed it, so this evening I decided to see if I could catch a thermal and ride it up. Had a blast, ultimately made it to 15,500' from a 4500' tow and was still climbing like a homesick angel when I finally closed the sim.

    Go into Settings > Display > Weather and turn on thermal visualizations. I used the "Schematic" setting this time around (which makes soaring too easy but for the first try I figured I'd need all the help I could get).

    Next load up the DG–808S and slew it to the end of the runway at your favorite airport, I set the flight up for mid day around the middle of June in North Idaho with the "fair weather" theme.

    Use CTRL+SHIFT+Y to call a towplane, the Maule will appear in front of you with the tow rope connected. Try to stay behind the tow plane and don't do anything too crazy or you'll break the tow rope. Let him tow you up a couple thousand feet, then release the rope with SHIFT+Y or use the yellow knob on the panel. Look around for the thermals, they look like a green ribbon corkscrew affair. Fly into one and you'll hear the variometer start chirping rapidly when you're in rising air. Circle around in the lift until you gain enough altitude to fly on to the next thermal. Have fun .


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    This is the freeware A.I.R. Atos, it flies fine, you dangle and tuck up his legs with the 'G' key-


    Go boy go!

    He's one kewl dood!

    Scuffs his trainers (sneakers) a bit on landing and kicks up some dramatic dust..

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    And at the opposite extreme of glider size is this freeware Messerschmitt Me 321 'Gigant' glider at 180 ft wingspan-

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    With one of these? ....and fsx, could bring on a whole new round of fun!

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    I use FSPassengers X and lots of Payware and Freeware aircraft. I have my own Virtual Airline (Turboprop Regional) and as the name says its all turboprop and its regional (Mainland US South East). Using this combination with REX, GEX, UTX, and FS Global Ultimate I get different weather patters every time I fly, plus the graphics are stunning, and I fly to over 40 different airports from municipals to internationals.

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