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Thread: Hardware Improvement For Modest Boost in MSFS Performance?

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    Default Hardware Improvement For Modest Boost in MSFS Performance?

    Here are the specs of my current computer:

    Intel Core i7 @ 4.00GHz, Coffee Lake 14nm Technology

    32.0GB Dual-CHannel RAM @ 1499MHz (15-16-16-35)
    ASUSTek Prime 370-A (LGA1151) MB
    4095MB NVidia GeForce RTX 2070 (EVGA) Graphics
    1TB Samsung SSD 970- ZEVO Plus
    Samsung 32" 4K 60Hz 4ms GTG VA LED FreeSync Monitor

    Looking to see if there is any suggestions I can make to make some inexpensive improvements to the hardware to improve frame rates. My frame rates aren't terrible enough to be frustrated for the most part even on a general Ultra setting, but everyone likes to improve for optimum. I fell into some cash that I can put towards this. I have 3 additional HDMI monitors also setup to support my setup, with someday (when MSFS supports multi-monitor) changing those to 4k if practical.

    Would a setup in graphics card in the $300-$400 range improve anything? Increased RAM?
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    I'd turn on Dev mode using the SDK and see what is limiting you. It's likely the GPU but why guess when the SDK will tell you?


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    Yes. GPU. But what if I now wanted to upgrade my GPU, could I do it with a $400 budget? What specs would I look for that would provide the improvement over my RTX 2070? (eg Memory size, type, clock, stream processors). Is bigger always better? What affects the price of graphic cards from a $500 one to a $1000+ one?

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    Anything available at 300-400?

    No idea.
    For a guestimate, look up what a gtx2070 costs.
    A card that costs less then the 2070 is likely not better. (Unless its second hand perhaps.)
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    To get a better GPU you would at a minimum need to look at a RTX 2080, but preferably a RTX 3070 or, even better, something in the RTX 3080 family. You can find used RTX 2080s on eBay for $400, but many are well over that price thanks to all of the supply and price issues of the past couple years. For multiple 4k monitors, an RTX 3080 with more than 8GB of VRAM would be preferable, but the price is going to be around $1,000 right now, not $400.

    You're probably better off holding onto your $400 and wait a little longer.

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    I don 't really think you will be able to get much performance increase for anything near $400. GPU are not priced as in the past. Your RTX2070 would probably fetch over $1000.00 on the used market. Even the basic GTX 1650 is $700 or more. An RTX 3080 is over $1750. An RX6800 is about $1500. The problem is a supply chain malfunction in all chips sets, but especially GPUs. My suggestion is to really optimize your settings. You won't see much visual difference in High and Ultra settings. There are some tricks to setting render scaling that will vastly improve performance with almost no visual loss. I have the same GPU and I don't see any frame rate issues, but I have them locked at 30fps. One thing you might want, a really good M.2 card helps, as this is a huge data demand.
    I posted at the same time as loki, I wasn't trying to address his post. My prices are from Newegg today.
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    Thank you all for you honest advice. I will be happy with what I have and with the rest of us, wait for prices to become more manageable.

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