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Thread: Thrustmaster t.Flight HOTAS 4 instability

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    Default Thrustmaster t.Flight HOTAS 4 instability

    So, this is my first post. If I am doing something wrong, please correct me. Just got through trying to contact Technical Support for Thrustmaster. Was prompted to log in. Tried to set up account, and they required my birth date. What? As you know this is a red flag with respect to hacking concerns. Apparently, Thrustmaster uses a third-party login provider which is also a red flag to me. Anyway, the problem I'm having with the HOTAS 4 is that, in using it with FSX on my PC, the control inputs result in outputs that are all over the map. It's like having a crazy copilot who grabs the controls suddenly and inputs more aileron or opposite aileron, then the controls vibrate before settling down sometimes off center. This looks like a problem with the electronics. Any ideas? Thustmaster does say that this apparatus is for PlayStation, but they say it can be used for PC.

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    Has your joystick got a small switch on the base that allows it to be set for either PC/or Pstation use?
    If you have just check it hasn't been set to Pstation by mistake. If it has, that could explain the strange behaviour you are experiencing.
    I have the Thrustmaster Tflight X which is very similar in design to your stick and does have this toggle switch.

    Cheers Andy

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    Thank you for your quick response. No joy on the PC/PlayStation switch. The throttle has a PS button that changes the function somewhat with my PC. The manual doesn't note a switch on the base and contains no information about use with PC. Notes requirement to logon to PlayStation account to use but don't see how this applies to PC. This appears to be a hardware problem, but I don't see evidence that anyone has this problem but me. (Hooray!) I have a video of the wacky behavior. You did help me greatly in that I'm going to have to replace the joystick and didn't know whether the Tflight X might have the same problem. Are you using it with a PC? Thanks, Mike

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    Hello There
    The switch I was referring to is on the front of Hotas ( not the base as I said) switches aside,
    something else you could try is simply unplugging and replugging the stick and see if that helps. I have had problems myself with my Hotas occasionally performing erratically and a simple unplugging and replugging solved theproblem.
    One other thing I would try if it was me would be to reset my assignments to there default settings and see if that fixes it. If it does it's a very simple process to then customize them to your preference.
    If that doesn't work then I am stumped.
    PS I have had my Tflight Hotas X for at least Ten years .
    I use it with FS9 (even though from its name it appears to be for FSX use only)
    It has proved to be extremely reliable and rugged.
    For a joystick in its price range you get an awful lot for your money, a lovely big stick and likewise throttle (not some piddly little throttle control found on others in this price range.
    I hope you get it sorted out

    Cheers Andy
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    I may be wrong here but when I purchased mine it said for Xbox/pc. There was a notation somewhere the you needed to download a small program for pc compatibility. I may be wrong, but check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b52bob View Post
    I may be wrong here but when I purchased mine it said for Xbox/pc. There was a notation somewhere the you needed to download a small program for pc compatibility. I may be wrong, but check it out.
    Your right Bob.
    I have just checked at the Thrustmaster site, and for the Tflight hotas 4(The Ops model)you need to download the drivers necessary for correct functioning on a PC from there site.
    I hope Mekim doesn't go and buy another stick as it appears that all he needs are those drivers for the Tflight hotas 4.

    Cheers Andy
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    Hmmm. Don't see anything at the Thrustmaster website addressing the use of the controls with a PC.

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    Driver is up-to-date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mekim View Post
    Driver is up-to-date.
    As I said in an earlier reply, have you gone into assignments within the SIM and selected the option to reset to default?
    In another post in the FS 2004 forum a user seemed to be having similar issues to yourself, and he was also advised to reset his assignments which solved the problem for him.
    Are you familiar with the technique of resetting the assignments?


    Here is a quote from that post I mentioned above..........

    ''i installed the hotas software 1st and that did not solve the issues. however while i was adjusting the hotas assignments in the sim i fat fingered and hit the restore defaults and that did the trick all is good now. not sure what the issue was to begin with."
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    Andy, thanks for your reply. In the course of trying to get the joystick/throttle to work, I went through all the options including this one. Sooo, I finally broke down and contacted Thrustmaster tech support, evan though I had to sign up for an account which required my giving their third-party agent my birthday and date. After submitting description, videos, and invoices, here is the bottom line straight from the horses mouth:
    "Your T.Flight Hotas 4 has a hardware issue. The only option, as we do not repair these units, is to replace them if they are still under warranty.

    "The warranty for your unit is 1 Year for US Customers if purchased brand new. Your invoice shows that you purchased this unit in 2020. It is not longer under warranty as you said.

    "Our Thrustmaster team wishes you a pleasant day and remain at your disposal for any further information about our products."

    Again, many thanks for taking an interest and for your reply. People like you make flight simming much better. m

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