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Thread: Working Title G1000 mod confusion

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    Default Working Title G1000 mod confusion

    I have downloaded and installed the Working Title mods for the G1000 and G3000. They seem to work okay. But I'm confounded by this direction from the readme file that comes with the G1000 mod:

    **Important**: Due to changes in how planes load their configurations in WU4, we had to change the code that loads custom display gauges from WTEngineDisplay.xml, as is done with our sample for the G36. In order to get these to work now, aircraft creators or modders must put the contents of the `WTEngineDisplay` section directly into panel.xml, within the body of the main `PlaneHTMLConfig` section. This is unfortunate, but it was the only way we could preserve this functionality. Doing this to your panel.xml is fully backwards compatible and will not break planes that don't use the modded G1000.

    Try as I might, I cannot find "WTEngineDisplay.xml" or the "WTEngineDisplay section<" or the "main 'PlaneHTMLConfig' section."

    Does anybody understand this stuff, and does it matter?
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    It's an optional engine gauge display, it doesn't matter.
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