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Thread: msfs 2020 will not start after 5/25/21 update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac6737 View Post
    I don't get that particular error message, but since the update last week I've had nothing but CTDs! Before the alleged "update" I had two months of error-free bliss (except for when trying to open a saved flight, but that's another issue). Now i'm batting less than .500 in opening ANY flight!

    What is the matter with these people? I appreciate their attempts to upgrade, but it seems to this computer non-expert that they don't know what they are doing.

    I refuse to believe that my repeated CTDs are unrelated to the May 25 "update."

    My favorite motto: "LEAVE THE WELL ENOUGH ALONE."
    Make sure your windows are up to date with the latest whatevers. I had the same issue and found my windows 10 was out of date..Problem solved

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    Default Music no Pictures

    I have had MSFS 2020 running great since it came out (Store download)

    Just installed patch and now the start screen comes up the patch number is on the grey toolbar at the top, the default music starts to play but my screen apart from the toolbar is black.

    No xbox or asobo or blackshart ai screens - no picture of the arc de triomphe absolutely nothing. all i get is the music that starts once the picture of the arc de triomphe appears (my last update was the european one thats why it maybe has paris at the start.

    Has anyone else experienced this.


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    paulvijayji Guest


    Thank you so much

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    If it were me I would just delete MSFS and start a fresh install, that way you know you don't have any hangovers from the previous editions...... Plus the download is quicker now since they have the file size down in size, I found sometimes a fresh start is the solution.....
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