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Thread: FSX hangup-crash

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    So did you multiple instances of FSUIPC in FSX? You should only have one as i understand it? Is it listed as 'trusted' in your FSX cfg.?
    i5 4690 (350mhz) with Arctic Cooler, 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz, ASUS Rock H97 performance mobo, Gainward Windforce GTX 960 OC 2GB, Windows10 64bit, 256mb Crucial SSD, 500GB Seagate HDD.

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    Yes, it is. Never had an issue with ANY of them for any reason until recently. Does one installation of FSUIPC4.dll cover all copies of FSX, I wonder?

    I've had the sudden "drop off" (minimizing) of the sim happen many times, and have easily restored it immediately thereafter many times as well but never a CTD like this. Hopefully this individual removal of the program describes the fix.

    Further checking into posts put up in 2010 show this problem of the program suddenly disappearing from the screen to its icon at the bottom, clicking on the icon or hitting "enter" key to restore the program, and then striking the "P" key to get the sim back into action is something many people have attempted to solve in many ways but have never been able to find a fix for. I see repeated references to this pause perhaps being something that seems to be engineered into the program for some reason. I've never seen anyone write about spending 18 or 20 hours at the keyboard on a very long range flight, for example, and having the sim keep running all that time without interruption. There's a "cutout" in there somewhere.

    Question: Does "weather.dll" control the programmed, "in-sim" weather or is it used in conjunction with downloaded weather?
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