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Thread: FS2004 PMDG Legacy Liveries

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    Question FS2004 PMDG Legacy Liveries

    Recently I have been trying to find specific PMDG legacy installer liveries for the old FS2004 PMDG 737-800 and PMDG B1900D. I am currently looking for the ATA (with winglets) livery, American Airlines Astro livery, and the Malev livery for the 737-800 and the Continental Connection (Gulfstream Airlines) for the B1900D. However every search of these liveries ended up in a dead end. (yes I have checked the internet archives too but however they all show to be unavailable) and I was wondering if someone still has the files and if I could possibly have the livery installers?

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    I have the DVD with all the original liveries on them for the 737. not sure if those are included but I can look. I'd recommend upgrading to the ifly 737.

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    Thumbs up PMDG liveries

    Hi there, I have all the liveries you require. These are the self installers rather than zip files. I still use FS9 and FSX as well as the new FS2020. With the PMDG 737 running on FS9 I can get 60 fps at a complex addon airport! May the Gods bless FS9 for all time! Email me at [email protected] and I can upload the files to your email. I have a vast archive of paint jobs for the 737, 747, MD11 and the B1900.

    Cheers, Mark.

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    Default PMDG liveries

    Hi, I have tried to upload the files to you but am getting this message. It does not seem to like the attachments. I have also zipped the files with the same result. Any ideas?? There ought to be an easy way to share the files without them being rejected because of an security false positive. rejected your message to the following email addresses:

    E G (your email address)
    Your message wasn't delivered because the recipient's email provider rejected it. gave this error:
    This message was blocked because its content presents a potential security issue. Please visit to review our message content and attachment content guidelines. i10si6968047ejd.240 - gsmtp

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