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    Hey gang. I see in the TDS 787 aircraft config that there are camera views listed as like Seat 5A, or seat 22F. I'll assume these are wing views. I cant find anywhere how to access these. Now, I do currently have active camera so I really don't need them, active camera IS my seat views. But I worry one day when I have to re-download my FS9 on a new computer and I can no longer activate active camera (yes, I know someone here shows us to you can without access code but in case that doesn't work). I need to know how to activate the TDS wing views. Maybe it's in the VC mode but because my active camera works in VC mode I don't see the wing views that come with the plane. ANy thoughts???

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    Camera views are only used by FSX and later sims.
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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