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Thread: Mr james craig no version 5 of the kc135 hjg site?

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    Default Mr james craig no version 5 of the kc135 hjg site?

    Dear Mr Craig,

    I do appreciate your KC135 Tanker Version 5? I cannot find any version five
    for your tanker only v6 and v7, if I over looked v5 on the hjg website I am
    sorry...but for the momet I cannot find a version 5 for the KC135.


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    I have the V5 KC-135Rs installed in Fs2002 and FS2004.
    Until I read your post, I didn't know V6 came out so I D/L'd the new base pack.

    I haven't really dug into any changes between V5 and V6, but both versions seem very similar.
    Why are you looking for V5?

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    HJG forum's the best place to pose this sort of query (such can easily be missed here by those "in the know or otherwise responsible" for the groups offerings) since any required information can be gotten more quickly, directly, and accurately right from over there

    FYI ....

    HJG's entire flight line of C-135 simulations were all superseded by "V6.1" files late last year and which were released as announced on the HJG forum on "December 16th 2020 ....

    .... and as also publicized per the following FS.COM Community News item presented around the same time ....

    Much needed "FDE enhancements" constitute the upgrading of all HJG supplied C-135 TYPE simulations .... among which a few new aircraft base packs were also released .... along with entirely new customized B707 sound packs (dependent on the new FDE and also used by the HJG C-135 line) .... as well as a small number of panel edits supported by a new panels/gauges core files suite too.

    Same time these new V6.1 C-135 files were released .... HJG's entire B707 flight line was also upgraded to "V7.1" based on the same upgrading and benefiting from the very same panel/gauge/ and audio enhancements too.

    HJG V5.0 (and earlier) C-135 and HJG V6.0 (and earlier) B707 simulations are now "old hat" and been made "redundant" by these "NEW" files.

    More concerning the development of these new files may be reviewed per the following links ....

    C-135 SERIES

    B707 SERIES


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