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Thread: Where did you fly today ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stinger2k2 View Post
    Today I tried the flight that BorisMarkus suggested from Dubrovnik (Croatia) to Tivat (Montenegro ).

    I have thank him as it was stunning. Tivat looks like an inviting holiday destination.

    Added bonus of payware airports available for each end.

    I did it in the C172 at 800 feet and MSFS looked beautiful.

    Thanks BorisMarkus and Asobo !

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    I did that one today in the Daher TBM930. Gorgeous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pops52 View Post
    KUCA (Utica, NY) to KBUF (Buffalo, NY) in the snow. Got a little "crusty:.
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    That's funny. I've been flying around that area a lot in the last few weeks. I fly between airports that serve the "current" and former Dunder Mifflin branch locations! So Utica, Syracuse, Scranton, Yonkers, Erie, Stamford, Albany, etc! I love flying here with the turboprops both in MSFS and all my Carenado products in P3D. Too fun!

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    Yes, I fly in the plains a lot. My most used airport is KFMZ.
    Just for you, I decided to go back East and fly
    CYES to CSC5
    Which goes from New Brunswick into the heart of French Canadian Quebec.
    CSC5 is a pretty difficult approach.
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    Rockcliffe2 Guest


    Early morning flight from CYVR to CYYJ in the King Air.
    I am ever so slowly unravelling the mysteries of the Garmin and this is a scenic, short leg flight over an area I know well (despite living several thousand kilometres away.)
    MSFS 2020 (and the pandemic!) has brought me back to flight simming after many years away and I find both sim flying and RW flying has changed a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by plainsman View Post
    CJA3 to D55
    CJA3 to D09 via cuski
    I'm guessing "Hold for traffic" is not something you hear a lot on those routes, lol

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    Have started watching for interesting flight plans to download. Although I love the flying aspect, sometimes it's nice to just sit back and let the A/P get on with it - just for interest I keep ATC on even if I do occasionally get involved in their game of "ATC tennis"! I do them at low altitude with both the C172 and Bonanza if I want something a bit faster. I just love travelling, however advancing years means I'm not quite as able as I was - the sim is great for that.

    Today started the "Pilots of the Caribbean" tour, half a dozen f/plans taking you round the Caribbean. I'm also doing the "Route 66", something I have always wanted to do. I got both from

    Incidentally as KML files were mentioned, you can import them into Little Navmap which will then convert them into a workable flightplan. You might need to make a couple of alterations, such as arrival/departure airfields.

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    Set up a nice 2 hour flight in the Longitude from KAPC (Napa Valley) to KLVS (North Las Vegas). ATC was constantly having me change elevation (I'm still wondering why) and three quarters into the flight had me way to low to clear a mountain. By the time I gained control, I was a mort. Playing Texas holdem on the adjacent computer may have contributed to the loss of the aircraft.
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    Today I flew from Gatwick to Palma de Mallorca. A flight of around 2 hrs 10 mins.

    I usually fly with live weather and real world traffic on (what is real world at the moment !), but today for a change i thought that I would switch to online players to see who else was about. As I loaded up the flight it showed the real weather correctly, heavy cloud with rain. After switching to online players and then starting the flight the weather on the ground at Gatwick was clear skies and 29.92mb? I have never had a problem with real weather before but I had heard of others having issues so perhaps it has something to do with when one flies with online players.

    Anyhow, it was a nice flight but I was suprised to see only 3 other pilots on the 2 hr route. A quiet day in Europe.


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    Default Tunis to Palermo

    Today flew the Robin R400 from Tunis intl to Palermo, Sicily. Used real weather, which was a bit unsettled. Had to drop down to 3000' to sneak under that system.

    Save landing on rwy 25 in palermo
    Pic is midway over the Mediterranean Sea
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    EGNM-LPFR in the Longitude again, with live Weather and Live Traffic. Stunning scenery thanks to large breaks in the clouds of Storm Christoph, apart from crossing the Bay of Biscay from Brittany to the Basque region, both of which are well worth a closer look.
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