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Thread: Flight Sim Hardware for sale - never used

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    Default Flight Sim Hardware for sale - never used

    Logitech rudder pedals, Flight sim Knobster and RealSim Gear GNS430 with its bracket/stand equipment for sale.
    Knobster is in its original box. Other 2 items have never been used items, but I took them out of original packaging box.

    GNS430 and bracket is valued at over $400 new, but I will sell both for $200. (Excluding shipping).
    Rudder pedals are $170 valued new, but will sell for $90. (Not including shipping).
    Knobster is valued at $129 new but will sell for $90.

    Let me know if interested and we can discuss sale. Items will be shipped from Houston, Texas USA.

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    Guns still forsale?

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    Default Gns

    Gns still forsale?

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    Default Knobster still available?

    Am very interested in the knobster, if you still have it available. Please advise - thank you!

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    Default Knobster

    Interested in Knobster if it is still for sale

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    Default GNS 430 For Sale?

    Is the GNS 430 for sale still?

    I will pay the $200

    Let me know
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