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Thread: How many ground vehicles do airports have?

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    Default How many ground vehicles do airports have?


    Does anyone know how many ground vehicles a commercial airport has? It came up in conversation the other day and I am completely clueless.


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    It varies a lot. Some place like O'Hare (KORD) would have a LOT, probably well over a hundred (just a low guess, perhaps several hundred), including fuel trucks, food trucks, baggage carts, tow tugs, snow plows, admin and maintenance vehicles, and probably other things (fire trucks, etc.), but it will vary tremendously so that, say, Grand Junction, CO would have a LOT less of all these, may not even have all these types, and West Yellowstone airport in West Yellowstone, Montana might only have a dozen or less total, perhaps a couple of fire trucks and a couple of baggage carts and a fuel truck or two.

    So there's no set value, either on types or quantities, and I don't know of anyplace that would list all this per airport, either.

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