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Thread: FSX and MFS 2020 where should I install

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    Default FSX and MFS 2020 where should I install

    I have a 500g SSD which is pretty full at this time and mostly with FSX folder, files, programs, etc. Planes and scenery are on two separate drives. If I purchase the new program, 1) should I move all my FSX stuff to a backup drive and put the new stuff on my SSD? or 2) Should I install the New stuff on a separate Hard drive? Can afford a larger SSD right now. Ideas?
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    Was that a Can or Can't afford a larger SSD right now?

    I would get larger drive and clone existing files to it.
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    There is always the other option of deleting FSX and its files and start afresh with MSFS. I kept my FSX for about 2 weeks before wiping it and others have done so too.

    Once you have used the new sim I'll wager that you won't want to go back.

    Good luck, whichever you choose.

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    2020: if or when...

    I have a 500 GB Win10 drive with games and insufficient room for 2020.

    I am keeping FSX and P3d indefinitely... why? several hundred addon aircraft that 2020 will likely never have. My choice. I can also fly multiplayer with the guys in 2020 and keep what I have.

    I will be going with a new 500GB SSD solely for 2020 and a second drive to provide a clone for the 2020 in case of drive failure. This extra cost is the price of peace of mind; even if it costs more than the sim itself. my win7 is cloned, my win10 is cloned and so will 2020 be equally protected.

    Yes, I did lose a 500GB drive last year, but I had gotten the warranty so I recovered most of the cost of a new one.

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