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Thread: payware scenery woes

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    I purchased Florida COMPLETE state photo-real from downloaded and installed it. I

    started flying and it looked great. Then I got to central Florida and no photo scenery. I checked the

    scenery files and noted that the main central Florida scenery file did not extract. I tried again and

    again, the same result. I tried to contact RWS that has no posted e-mail address. the website has no

    [contact us] in their menu bar. I had to reply on my sales receipt to contact RWS. I explained that I

    believe that file is corrupt. RWS responded with, The file must be corrupting when I download it, even

    though I had no trouble with the other 100 files. Then RWS said try downloading it this way, then another

    way and then another way. I thought this crazy, but I did it anyway. I downloaded this file at least 8

    times, with the same result, CORRUPT. winRAR could not open it, analyzed as[archive cannot be opened

    archive is corrupt]. I explained this to RWS, their reply was{did you try downloading it this way} RWS

    refuses to admit that this file corrupt. They refuse to take any blame nor do they care.I have been

    downloading and installing dozens of payware for over 20 years, with no problems with downloads and

    installs until now.
    My questions are: Has anybody else tried to download this title? Has anybody else heard of files going

    corrupt when you download them? In 30 years of computer work, I have not. When you download a file and

    it is corrupt, IT is because it is already corrupt.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    Have you tried a different zip utility besides WinRAR? Try 7zip if not it may just help? I had issues with winRAR in the past not unpacking complete downloads tried 7zip and not had a prob since -and 7zip will identify the offending file for you too if there is a problem.
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    I have never had any issues with either WinRAR or 7zip in unzipping anything.

    But I am using the paid WinRAR's up-to-date version....


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    WinRar has an inbuilt repair feature to deal with apparently corrupt files.

    It is also possible that over-zealous anti-virus software might be interfering with the contents.


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    Yes I used 7Z, that was in the exe file. I also had no problem unzipping the other 3 areas main scenery files plus the other 100 7z files . Just the one main file for central Florida is the problem. I will see about repairing it with winRAR. Thanks for the heads up on that. I appreciate all your replies.

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    Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. win RAR could not repair it. I am totally convinced that this file is 100% corrupt I have downloaded it several more times. Results exactly the same CORRUPT. I was going to purchase Georgia whole state , plus Georgia 3D. No way Now. I have been going over this for a week now. I am tired of kicking a dead horse. I will no longer consider purchasing another product from REAL WORLD SCENERY.

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    Take a look here may be of help? Florida comes in on the second page
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    Yes I have to agree with alot of that.Why some people can get some areas and others like me can't get Central Florida. To be fair I also got Florida 3D. No problem downloading and installing. I was very happy with the outcome.I was happy with the FSX autogen, since tha is what I am used to. Almost every payware scenery that I have, has some anomalies, which is expected. I was also happy with Florida whole state photoreal graphics. IF I HAD CENTRAL FLORIDA I would be a happy camper. I wish that RWS would have some kind of customer service and try to make things right. all I get is lip service with no real solution. I can't do anymore business with them till I get Central Florida.

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    Pomak249. I apologize for not thanking you for sending the link{selfish me}. Yes, it was very helpful. Thanks again.

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    Just an update. winRAR will only repair rar or zip files. This file is a7z. But I did find Power Archiver which will repair anything. The results were, out of 2 files 0 repaired. corrupt. Imagine that.

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