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Thread: Simulate fsx locked spot view in fs 2020

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    Sadly not - the Cessna 152 is "FixedOnPlaneExtern1",I haven't checked the others.

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    Hi gtox. I tried it with the extra, and it didn't change the view at all. I made all 3 numbers significantly different. The only thing it did, was make the menu system inaccessible. I had to restore the cfg file to the original to restore the menu. Maybe you can try it yourself, and see if you can get it working. Steve

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    Can't think of a reason why changing the xyz values would affect the menu, that's odd. With the Extra 330, I changed the InitialXyz values to 0,0,-10, the InitialPbh values to 0,0,0, went external view, hit Ctrl+ shift + 1 and this is what I get. You can also access the view from the camera menu, as seen in the second image.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Simulate fsx locked spot view in fs 2200

    Hmm...been so long since I've flown COF (2004) or FSX, but it seems that you could freely move the extra camera ( I think it was called "spot plane view," or something similar) to any point: sides, front, back, top, bottom, not to mention zoom, so what is up with severely limited IMO new program's camera you wonder?


    P.S. and btw, I would appreciate anybody's help in even FINDING THE DURN FILE that I patiently (3 1/2 hrs) waited on download from Microsoft!!!!!
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    Have you tried the drone view?

    Using the "Insert" key to launch it, I can zip around my plane in external view, zoom into objects etc. Wish I could use the mouse wheel to zoom, but oh well
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    That's good I'll try those numbers.

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    Thanks gtox. It's working for me now! I thought ctrl shift 1 was the external default but it's not.

    These numbers work pretty good for extra


    But now I know how to do. Thanks a million gtox!

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    There seems to be a limit to how far you can be behind the plane. 200 wasn't much different than 20. The chronology of this thread is all screwed up. Oh well.

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    Glad you got it working.

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    I must be missing something in this discussion. I just use the external view from the menu when flying and get what looks like the FSX locked spot view which can be moved with the POV hat switch on my controller and zoomed with the mouse wheel. Now if we are talking about a separate window, that's another matter.

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