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Thread: Question for any recent Windows XP users

  1. Default Question for any recent Windows XP users

    I'm considering switching FS9 to Win XP cause Win 10 sux.

    I have a couple of concerns going with XP and can test one of those concerns.

    There are certainly some benefits of older add-ons that will work again if running FS9 under Win XP.
    My question and concern, has any XP user found any newer/later add-ons that won't work under Windows XP?
    Might be an installer or the product itself not working correctly or supported under Win XP. Payware or freeware comments welcomed as I have a lot of both.

    I can't think of anything that should have this problem that I know of.
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    Mark Daniels

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    Well, several utilities I'm using have become 64bit only (ADE, AIFP...), so for my WinXPx86 system I'm using the older versions, which I've kept over the years. Main use is for editing stuff and testing.
    For my actual VA flying, I'm using a modern-ish (~2014) system with Win7x64Pro.

    There's other utilities that use newer versions of .NET...
    For freeware airports or aircraft I don't think there will be problems, I haven't found any. Maybe some newer payware installers won't work.

    Hope this helps a bit...


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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkDP View Post

    Hope this helps a bit...

    Yes, thanks, certainly does help. I was expecting some utilities as you mentioned may have a problem but for this sort of thing I do still have a Win 10 system I could use and transfer files too. Otherwise, as you have done, I could also use older versions of the now 64bit software.

    The more I think about it, the more I would love to go to XP for FS9 forever. If anyone has any further info please share.
    Mark Daniels

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    I've found no problems at all.

    I run Fs9 on XP running on a 250Gig SATA drive that's used for nothing else,it works superbly.

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    I installed FS9 on an old Win XP HDD years ago the day I first bought FS9. Over the years I have kept that HDD cloned to another HDD just in case something happens. I still use that HDD along with FS9. So far I have not come across any plane or addon that does not work with Win XP. A few might need SP2. I never installed SP3 on my drive. Hope this helps.

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    Another choice would be Windows 7 - runs FS2004 great and all the up to date utilities still run on it.
    Tom Gibson

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    Thanks for the replies gents. Good to know there are no add-on issues. I know there certainly are a number of add-ons that won't work on anything but XP.

    Quote Originally Posted by tgibson_new View Post
    Another choice would be Windows 7 - runs FS2004 great and all the up to date utilities still run on it.
    Yes Tom, I've been considering Win 7 as well. There are arguments for and against Win XP and Win 7 as being the best OS for FS9. Win XP would be easier as I am already running a Win XP system all set up. Totally enjoy messing around on the XP machine.

    MSFS really doesn't do anything for me. Highly doubt it ever will although I may eventually buy it for a quick fly around here and there IF enough of the bugs ever get squashed. Have a feeling even add-ons like advanced aircraft will be quite a bug nightmare in MSFS.

    It's clear for me I will never stop with FS9. There are so many add-ons and things to do it will no doubt keep me busy the rest of my life so just looking for the best platform to run it from in future years. Win 10 certainly isn't it. The more I do with FS9 in Win 10, the more issues I am likely going to come across. It's been a total pain already and I've hardly had time to use it with FS9 since switching from Win 7.
    Mark Daniels

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    Mark, you continually talk about having issues with Windows 10.

    Please tell us what they are? Also, what add-ons are not working with Windows 10?

    We know that Windows XP is almost 20 years old, & Windows 7 about 11 years old. Obviously, these obsolete operating systems are not optimised to work at their peak with modern hardware. Personally, I would rather use an updated & modern operating system, that is well supported.

    We know that both of those operating systems have reached end of life support, including security updates. This is not covered by any anti-virus system used, as it is an operating system core issue.

    I have my 8 different versions of FS2004 working perfectly, in fact, smoother than any previous operating system I've had before, with no issues at all. If, on the odd chance, I do have an exe install that will not work, I just run it in compatibility mode, & it installs perfectly.

    As I asked, please share your issues with us. As you say, the more you do with FS9 in Windows 10, the more issues you are getting, please share with us, as it will be usefull for us to be aware of your bad experiences.

    Why would XP be the best operating system for FS9? I've had FS9 running in XP, Windows 7, 8 & even 8.1, with no issues at all.

    By the way, I'm using a ASUS laptop, i5 8GB ram, obviously Windows 10 Home 64bit edition.
    In all probability, I will be doing a 9th FS9 install, possibly with only Russian &/or Argentinian scenery, both pre 1950's with suitable aircraft. I prefer to keep my installs smallish & themed, thus preventing any scenery conflicts.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Quote Originally Posted by zswobbie1 View Post
    Mark, you continually talk about having issues with Windows 10.
    Let's start with the most basic element, getting FS to simply work/run.

    Robin, you continually talk about having NO issues with Windows 10 but you must resort to running FS9 in compatibility mode and as admin or your FS9 won't even start on Win 10. Do you not consider this an issue?

    I don't need to do this.
    Mark Daniels

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    Nope, not an issue. It's done once, never again, & takes less time to do than to type this sentence.
    It's actually 7 mouse clicks. I'd rather do 7 mouse clicks once, than use an obsolete operating system.
    Once that's done, it never has to be done again, ever. (dunno how 7 mouse clicks are a major issue, but anyway!)

    Ok, that's issue 1 done.. next?

    You brought up your major issues, I'm sure the community would be interested in your sharing them?
    Cape Town, South Africa

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