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Thread: Left Drift Problem

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    Default Left Drift Problem

    Using V4.5...I have tried everything I know to stop my aircraft (any prop plane) from a slow bank to the left. Torque and P Factor are at lowest setting, calibrated many times.I understand about the high torque during climb, but this happens constantly even during cruise. Nothing is working! I would sure appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!
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    That's something I've encountered on occasion from all the MS-based sims (FS2000 on). It's usually been an unbalanced fuel load, which I generally solve by loading my default flight, then making certain that the fuel is equal in the tanks on both sides. Then I re-save the default flight. Of course if the default has only a single tank (you probably wouldn't see the problem) you'd likely have to use a different aircraft and save a flight with it to use for rebalancing.

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