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Thread: Good medium-sized IFR planes

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    Question Good medium-sized IFR planes

    Good ILS planes

    Hello everyone!

    I recently started flying shared cockpit with a friend. We started with the carenado sr22. We’re using fsx because it was easiest to setup for shared cockpit and my friends pc is not the best. Our end goal is to be capable enough with an aircaft to go on vatsim. We soon started noticing that the g1000 is pretty bad in the sr22, there is also no navigraph update. (The controls suck, it can’t do SID’s and STAR’s)

    So my question: What are some good small props or business/regional jets that support shared cockpit and have good systems that can atleast do a SID.

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    PMDG J41
    mjc8 Q400

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