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    For starters id like to apologize in advance for posting this on a general aviation forum, but i could find better.

    My daughter's last highschool year project is to make a Radio controlled plane
    we are looking for web information about aerodynamics and everything that comes with the subject
    but her teacher's advise in order to get a high grade is to "mostly avoid information from technical forums"
    it has to be something more theorical that will lead her to succeed on the project.

    Thanks for your help !
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    "aerodynamics and everything that comes with the subject" can get you pretty deep, well beyond high school math, even into college grad level engineering, if you wish, so you might want to narrow it down a bit to something that's more appropriate for modeling and working at the high school level.

    I'd suggest you start with this Wikipedia page and with this NASA page, both of which were found via googling for "aerodynamics" (without the quotes). There are also a number of resources on, such as this page listing handbooks, such as Aerodynamics For Naval Aviators.

    Wikipedia and NASA websites are likely to have most of what you need, depending on the depth to which you must go for your needs. Or, there are any number of books on the subject at many local libraries, too.

    And, if you have more specific questions, you can also ask here, where there are any number of real world pilots, many of whom have RC experience.

    As far as RC goes, googling for "radio controlled planes" gets a tremendous number of hobby shops and manufacturers of both kit and RTF (Ready To Fly) models. Googling for "radio controlled plane plans" also gets a lot of good information for you about plans available to build from. Even if she's supposed to start from scratch (a tougher chore), the plans and kits available may help her decide what route to take.

    So, for a bit of clarification, does she have to start from scratch, or will a kit do? Does she have to write a treatise on aerodynamics, or just to explain the aerodynamics on a somewhat simpler level, perhaps at the level of a Private Pilot's required knowledge? Perhaps, after looking over some of the above materials, you can get more clarification from the teacher about what level is really needed.

    And perhaps a local model airplane club can help, too.

    Larry N.

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