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Thread: Plan G and aircraft Questions

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    Default Plan G and aircraft Questions

    Is there a way to show my aircraft on the Plan G map and how do you set up
    a hot key to toggle between the sim and the Plan G map.

    Thirdly, on planes that have landing gear that can only be set for up, approach, and down, the King Air 350 for instance,
    do these planes use any flaps for taking off.
    Thank you,

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    Make sure you have FSUIPC installed, since it is required for connection with FS2004 and displaying your plane.

    After that, set up instructions are in the Plan G manual, section 8.5.4.

    Then set up the option to display your aircraft, described in section 8.5.6, and how the map reacts to the movement of your plane.

    Hope this helps,
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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