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  1. Default default clouds it normal for the default clouds to flicker, and have dark spots at the base?...I had ultra wx but just deleted it cause it played havoc with my x plane...and yes I downloaded latest patch, sad I had to delete it, so now I have to figure what I can use to replace it, something that not a huge frame hog..any ideas or recommendations would be very appreciated. btw, the default clouds aint that bad if they didn't flash and anti aliasing is all the way up

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    Try to use / set Objects to Medium, Reflections minimal and Visuals and Textures to High or less, 2xSSA or less. Try a 1080P resolution. If you only get around 20FPS you are likely not able to run at higher res. / settings.

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    You are able to program Ultra wx to fit your system. I love Ultra wx. Change your clouds from 4x to 2x is a big one. For more info on weather programs go The best place to find out information on x-plane and settings.

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