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Thread: How to connect internet with multiplayer

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    Default How to connect internet with multiplayer

    Kindly help me with internet connection.
    Ive tried to connect with multiple player but it wont let me.
    Error check your internet settings

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    Which program are you using, FS2004, FSX, P3D, X-Plane? Each has it's own way. What is your internet setup? That is, do you have a router or other means of running a LAN, or do you just hook up straight, or maybe a cable modem?

    Any router/firewall has to be configured to let your connection go through. Whichever sim you're using needs certain ports open in a firewall/router.

    So a bit more information from you might help get some good directions.

    Larry N.

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    The 'Gamespy' server is closed down. That server was an option baked into Fsx Disk Edition and because the server is shut down that easy way of connecting from within fsx disk edition no longer works.

    Google: FSCloud (or FsHost) and you will find out about new other ways to connect.

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