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Thread: How to delete aircraft reg on wings.

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    Default How to delete aircraft reg on wings.

    I was recently re-painting an Antonov AN26 CIS, I had no paint kit so cleaned off a paint from one of the other textures.
    Everything cleaned off but there was a registration number on the wings, but that number was not showing on the file in the textures, the wings were blank.
    I looked to see if tit was some kind of alpha thing but I wasn't sure what I was doing but the wings still looked blank, so where is that number stored and how do I delete it please?
    I'm not sure where I got the model now as I've had it in my sim for ages, the textures already on it are Russian so that might be a clue, nothing in the cfg either as that was cleaned up ages ago too.
    Thinking back I've had this issue before on other aircraft but ended up using a different model so never looked to find the answer lol.

    Further investigation I spotted something on one of the other texture files (UTT) so more than likely that's where I downloaded it.
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    No reg on the wing texture?

    If there is a texture.cfg in the texture folder it might point to a common texture folder where it's picking up a wing with a reg number painted on.


    Possibly the model reads the reg from the aircraft.cfg and prints it on the wing


    The panel.cfg has a gauge that puts it on the wing like some gauges put it on the instrument panel.
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    OK thanks, well I can rule 2 of those out, no panel or common texture folder, so I'll look more closely in the aircraft.cfg and see if I can find something.


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    Is it an FSX model? the only way a reg no. can be displayed on the exterior model is with a bitmap, does the texture folder include any specular bmp's or dds files for the wings? if so then the reg no. is more than likely being produced from the spec texture. If this is the case and you want to edit it, make sure you check the alpha channel for any reg marks.

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    Hi Paul, The wing textures are not in a separate folder, everything is in one folder, body, wings, tail etc.
    I was using as the editor and I'll be honest I am not familiar with editing alpha channels.

    I would like to know why this is happening not just because of this particular instance but for future reference as well, plus it might help someone else.


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    lost between how it is and how it ought to be


    It is on the prop texture sheet.

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    You know, once I saw it I remember doing this before but it was years ago, I completely forgot.

    Well done Bean, you nailed it, I never thought of looking there, any way it got rid of the number and the aircraft looks a lot better now, thank you mate.


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    Here it is with the wings clear of the reg number, thanks again String Bean.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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