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    Hi y'all. Recently decided to add some new paint to some older flight plans (WOAI US13, don't ask why), but after finishing, I end up seeing twice as many aircraft to the point that the airport is flooded with lots of US Airways aircraft at locations they wouldn't usually be (other terminals, such as at PHX). It's not the first time I've toyed with recompiling WOAI flight plans with modifications and saw this. I also made sure I did not have the old flight plans file there anymore, so there should only be one file in the scenery/world/scenery with the flight plans loaded (one for US and one for USAX). Is there a fix to this? Makes no sense that the simulator would create an extra aircraft and flight plan for each and every individual plane in the aircraft.txt file. Thanks!!

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    Found a workaround: just copied and pasted everything from my txt files onto another AI flight plan’s txt files and it worked, somehow.

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    I used to be a fan of Ultimate Traffic for FS2004 despite spending three months seeming to witness loads of AI aircraft either in formation or chasing one another. Then I began to realise what I was seeing when duplicate ATC messages confirmed what I suspected: I was literally seeing double! IIRC what I did was switched the programme over to 'Run as an Administrator' and before I knew it normality had returned. Unsure precisely what had happened or was going on. But I'm sure this was how I overcame all this. Hope you get this sorted out soon.
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    This is long fixed, however here's my conclusion to recap. It's a unique issue to WOAI when editing the aircraft.txt files and recompiling that it causes AI to double. I'm not sure if simply using TTools is what causes this bug or if the act of editing makes a change.

    However, taking all those flightplans, aircraft, and airport text and repasting them onto a new .txt file or sharing it with another AI's traffic txt files will seem to fix this.

    Another weird thing I observed is the simulator started calling the US Airways traffic "American" instead of Cactus, even though the callsign in the aircraft.cfg was indeed "Cactus". You don't always see this though, since not all aircraft share the same callsign in regional AI traffic files. I don't know what fixed it; pasting the flight plans into a txt file different than the American flight plans, or changing the ui_manufacturer, ui_type data.

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    Wouldn't "Cactus" have been America West?


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    It was America West, but US Airways took it when they merged.
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    And even after America West merged with US Airways the call sign for the original America West aircraft were still Cactus. An example of this is Sully's plane that ditched in the Hudson river. His aircraft's call sign was Cactus.

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