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Thread: Still No Definitive Opinion on Flight Gear

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    Default Still No Definitive Opinion on Flight Gear

    The opinions listed below were several years old. Amazon is selling a 6 disc set of Flight Gear for ten bucks. I'd like to know if it's worth all the money.

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    You can download it yourself at no charge from if you're so inclined. It's probably worth the money for some people, not for others, so we can't make that decision for you -- your needs/perceptions are likely different from mine and those of most other folks.

    FG is a nice experience, for me, but I still mostly go with P3D -- others view it in a different light.

    Larry N.

    As Skylab would say:
    Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FerSor View Post
    The opinions listed below were several years old. Amazon is selling a 6 disc set of Flight Gear for ten bucks. I'd like to know if it's worth all the money.
    Firstly you really don't need to buy the disks; the default installation is available for free from here

    The download is 1.5gb; and the default location is PHNL Hawaii; lovely scenery and active volcanoes in the area.

    FlightGear can download scenery automatically as you fly - there can sometimes be a delay but it usually arrives.

    This comes with the default C-172; but there are lots of other aircraft available from the default hangar - all of which can be downloaded easily. However be aware that because of the opensource nature relying on contributions the aircraft quality is variable.

    These are definitely good aircraft that I'm aware of; this is just my list and I might have forgotten something great.

    • 777
    • 707
    • Tu-154
    • F-15 (windtunnel aero)
    • F-14 (windtunnel aero)
    • F-16 (windtunnel aero)
    • Mig-15
    • Mirage-2000
    • Space Shuttle (windtunnel aero, most accurately modeled version for any sim)
    • Robin DR-400
    • CH-53E
    • JA-37 Viggen (windtunnel aero)
    • Citation II
    • DHC-6-300 Twin otter
    • Alouette-III
    • Beechcraft 1990
    • Extra 500
    • A-10
    • A-6
    • EC-135 and the EC-130
    • IDG A320 (github)
    • IDG MD-11 (github)
    • Bell 412 (

    There are some really great models you can fly; I'm going to recommend the F-14 and F-15 (because they're mine), but the Space Shuttle is really worth a look.

    The IDG A320 is also excellent; but still in development and only available from github.

    There are aircraft available for FlightGear outside of the default hangar; some excellent helicopters can be found on

    Overall the weakest and most variable part of FlightGear is now the scenery; so if you pick your location well it's a great overall experience. The grand canyon is good, LSGS, LOWI, LFPG, Jan Mayen are all worth a look. Generally the scenery in europe tends to be better because it derives from Corine which is higher resolution.
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