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Thread: Review of the new Carenado C172 with G1000

  1. Default Review of the new Carenado C172 with G1000

    Hello all!

    This is a review of the new Carenado C172 with G1000, which came out Tuesday 8th. Let me know what you think and are you interested in tutorials on the G1000?

    Thanks! : )

    Also do you think I could have left humour out of this video?

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    Nice job on the video and review.
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    Great review, Good humor, but you shouldn't be so mean to Sully...

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    Fun video, give that guy a parachute next time he goes with you and open the door in a 90Deg bank as you pull up, can only be done in the sim.
    I would like to see some numbers, all at 1000 MSL, 0 wind, Standard day:
    2000RPM Level ?KIAS Clean Level
    2000RPM Level ?KIAS 10Deg flaps Level
    2000RPM Level ?KIAS 20Deg flaps Level
    2000RPM Level ?KIAS 30Deg flaps Level
    ?RPM Level @90KIAS
    ?RPM Level @110KIAS
    @110KIAS 30 Deg, and 45 bank left and Right, any overturning tendencies? Where?
    @110KIAS tap the stcick / yoke for uncoordinated about 10 Deg bank what occurs, does it return to level, stays in the turn...?
    ?RPM Down 450FPM @90KIAS
    MaxRPM Level ?KIAS
    1600RPM Level ?KIAS Clean
    ?Min RPM Level flight and what KIAS, at what RPM the acft falls out of the sky.
    1900RPM Level ?KIAS Flaps 30 Slow flight, Trim, Power idle, stick back, Rudder full Left, recover, than Right, KIAS on both, Spin behavior. What speeds do you see min-max.
    Cockpit view, Forward where only the the G1000 are in view, to see Top of cowl about 3-4in above the Instrument panel, post view of right and left window / wing tips, without readjusting the front view, see pic.
    Thank you.

    Click image for larger version. 

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